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welcome to my martini glass


it had to happen eventually

The secret's out -- broken by the NYTBR no less: Kelly is a sorceress:
HERE'S the risk: Play fast enough and loose enough with what can be understood about a piece of fiction and the reader will feel left out. I felt that way sometimes in ''Magic for Beginners.'' But even when I didn't know what to make of her stories, I couldn't put them out of my mind. That sort of resonance, that lingering, haunting effect, is the product of real magic, and Kelly Link is no doubt a sorceress to be reckoned with.
From generally positive review, of which the most baffling part involves zombies and you can see Scott (who is the coolest senior evAR) take it apart. Zombies eat brains. Or yams.

(If you got that yam joke, you are truly cool, Andy Duncan fans.)

(Murderball was most excellent.)

(Night now.)


  • At 9:31 PM , Blogger Justin said...

    I recently read the titular track from Link's new collection and loved it. Lots.


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