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you and KJF for a good cause

You can bid Sept. 1-10 for a secondary character in a Karen Joy Fowler novel to be named after you or someone (who approves) of your choosing.

Karen says: "The name of a secondary character in my next novel. The novel is due to be published in 2007, but, as it is not written yet, that can change. The name must belong to a real person who is happy or at least willing to let me use it."

Karen once told me she'd title a character after me if my name wasn't real; hmmmm...

(There are other writers too, but you've seen that elsewhere and Karen's my favorite and so the most exciting of those offered in my opinion.)


  • At 2:09 PM , Blogger Chris McLaren said...

    I'll be watching this auction--there's a couple of people there, including KJF, that might get a bid from me.


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