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Stephany Aulenback's long-awaited interview with Ms. Link is up at Maud Go see:

Writing is a conversation. (I’ll probably say this again at some point.) I need to be reading in order to be writing. This year I’ve typed out a couple of stories by other writers, partly for work-related reasons, but also so that I could get a closer look at how other writers put sentences together. How they structure a plot. I was typing out stories by writers who write very differently from me, and I loved doing this. I’d never looked at other people’s work so closely, or had so much admiration for how a sentence or a paragraph or a scene is constructed. It was a way to slow down my reading speed, and I also found that after I’d been typing out someone else’s story, it felt as if there was less of a barrier when I sat down to do my own work.

And the questions are really great too; which is only to be expected as Aulenback is a fantastic writer in her own right, as they say, and you should go check out her stuff -- especially don't miss her Grim Stories.

(Via the lovely Found White Kitty.)


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