shaken & stirred

welcome to my martini glass


a week's worth of hangovers

Of course, the week's funnest game has been the betting pool inspired by The Dark Cabal's debut -- how long before the participants are unmasked? how long before it dies a quiet netdeath? It could only happen in David Moles' comments. Sadly, I've been too busy to pick a date, but I'm going with SOON. (And also, as Susan says am "bored now.")

Those wiley cognitively functioning bacteria are behind a new theory explaining the Bermuda Triangle. (Via Boing Boing.)

A new model for time travel. (Thanks, Karen!)

Over at Dan Wickett's party at Conversational Reading's place, a couple (out of a hundred or so excellent posts) that I wanted to single out -- Susann Cokal talks about Breath and Bones and not being quite as famous as Brooke Shields and Dan asks how much traffic there is between litbloggers and poetrybloggers.

Order now: Rabid Transit: Menagerie!

One of Chance's posts about Camouflage... collect the whole set. (And you could do worse than reading her on The Sparrow as well.)

Celia had a dream about Say... This pleases me beyond belief. I usually only dream about it during production. (And don't forget the subscription drive -- reduced prices and fabulous prize -- until June 30.)

Jacob's story of how he and his writing partner got an agent for their book The Government Manual for New Superheroes.

Hamilton Naki's obituary in The Economist. (Thanks, Christopher!)

AMAZING photos (there is an elephant, Schwartz). (Via the always elegant Lauren, who makes one hell of a mix CD.)

The Malcontent Bookseller's Guide to Current Booksellers. (Via Maud.)

Waggish posts on 1930s screwball comedies -- a passion of mine. I like lots of the movies on both lists but it makes me very happy to see Theodora Goes Wild on a list of any kind. (Found via The Mumpsimus.)

Slate runs a piece on getting young people to read and YA problem fiction.

Scientology primer at The Week -- in case you might be looking for a disguise through which to FREE KATIE.

Neal Stephenson on Star Wars for the NYT.

Someday I'll make a real post that mentions what I'm reading, etc. But not right now. Have a good Saturday.


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