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deja panel

The panel was enough to make us decide not to attend any further panels. They’re just not that interesting or informative and all tend to tilt too heavily to sturm und drang … all about how hard everything is … how hard to make money … how hard to find readers … how hard to get books noticed. Well, at the risk of seeming reductive, better books would be a good start.
What Mark's saying sounds awfully familiar...

The panel, she lays in her grave!


  • At 7:40 AM , Blogger Justine Larbalestier said...

    Oh, sure, mundane panels have long been dead. But we are hipper than they.

    Off I go to BEA!

  • At 9:37 AM , Blogger gwenda said...

    Did you just use the word mundane in that context? That is so cute. (wink)

    Have fun! Snag me books!


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