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The pictures are worth a thousand words, right?

Shorthanding Sunday and Monday...

Got up, skipped programming more by accident than anything else (I really wanted to catch the afternoon YA reading too). Also skipped the panel I was supposed to be on for the Adequate Science Fiction reading featuring Lauren, Christopher, Richard and Alan. An excellent reading all round, one of my favorite bits of the convention. Richard's delivery is impeccable and always surprising. Alan's poem and story were both amazing. Lauren's dialogue between NYC and the World was the perfect opener. And people seemed to like Christopher's Gather story, which I'd sort of insisted he do. I heart Miss Charlie.

Afterward, we lugged out the bikes and went for a wonderful 13 mile or so ride with Marcia (who'd rented a bike) and Ted. The first half was lazy and full of Gilmore Girls talk and sunshine, the second pedaling like hell and Nancy Drew to try and beat the ominous black thunderclouds. Too much fun.

The Pretty Magic Butlers of Roanoke reading was set for that night. Readings are always a little nerve-wracking, so the thing to do is obviously to be exhausted and have a couple of glasses of wine. The thing I read was very new--part of the new book--in fact I edited down the second part that afternoon in the business center and was testing out different sections on C. moments before we went down. People said they liked it, and I'd rather believe them than not, so... The other readers were, of course, excellent, and the chapbook giveaway went well. We didn't manage to get a copy to the auction (see previous installment re: L'Etoile), so we gave away two. Mr. Rowe has a knack for managing little green numbers and it was only the slightest snafu when we decided to give away the second copy and had to gather the confettied about numbers off the floor.

We missed the bubbly at the fancy dress party, although Barb and I soldiered on through with a couple of pretty decent martinis. Ms. Meisner and Ms. Livdahl came to the rescue, dashing off to Karen's to pick up booze and bring it back. We took up residence with a bunch of excellent folks on the 12th floor couches and had nice discussions until late. Late enough to witness Madison's lady-of-the-evening trade anyway (actually pretty classy considering).

Monday's a blur of sitting outside and packing and taking pictures of the mirrors on the ceiling. It's fast becoming my favorite day, as things thin out, are quieter and slower and more relaxed.

I read an ARC of Peeps (Westerfeld represent!) on the way home and it's now ranked right up there in vampire novel world with MT Anderson's Thirsty, one of my most favorite books, and which Scott also gave me a personalized copy of. I'll have more to say about Peeps closer to the release date, don't worry. There are lots of parasitey bits though, which made me very happy.

And that is it. It was good to see all of you, and for those that I missed or that weren't there, catch you at the next one. And so it ends, with a suitcase full of dirty laundry, a stack of books, a slight sore throat and a desperate need for shut-eye.



  • At 9:25 PM , Blogger Jason Erik Lundberg said...

    Even though I didn't really get to see you at all, it was nice to hear you read from the novel, Gwenda. So have you seen the production of The Lost Colony that they do every year in NC?

    And I could be wrong, but I always thought the pronunciation of Manteo was "Manny-oh" instead of "Man-tay-oh." Thought you might want to know.

  • At 9:22 AM , Blogger gwenda said...

    Hey Jason -- it seems we are destined to say hello across crowded rooms! Nice to see you guys too.

    I think it's actually man-TEE-o, but in my nervousness, I defaulted to some odd pronunciation center of my brain. It happens. (If only there weren't so many North Carolinians in the audience...)


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