shaken & stirred

welcome to my martini glass


post office rock

Copies of Say... are now winging their way to contributors, subscribers and reviewers in:

New Hampton, NH
Tuscson, AZ
Revere, MA (Revere!)
Nashville, TN
Great Britain and Northern Ireland
Korea, Republic of
South Africa
Lexington, KY
Austin, TX
San Francisco, CA
Beloit, WI
Raleigh, NC
Woodland Hills, CA
New York, NY
Saint Louis, MO
Oakland, CA
Providence, RI
Pleasantville NY
Philadelphia, PA
Brooklyn, NY

And several of these times many. If you don't see your locality on the list and you're a subscriber or have ordered a copy of the issue, do not despair -- especially if you're a recent convert. We'll be mailing out the rest this weekend. (Edited to further clarify: I'm told we still have 28 copies to go out this weekend.)

Not that you asked, but I'm glad not to be at BEA. That's right: glad. I bet it's smelly. Right, ladies?


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