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saturday hangoversish, sleep-deprived, subscription-pleading, readery edition (updated)

Mr. George Rowe the Dog was up and down all night, as were we, in the melatonin haze. It's so not fair. But at least there was no mad rush to work, exhausted beyond the powers of caffeine.

I spent the afternoon in the backyard, just out of the sun's reach, finishing Valiant. It's amazing and I'll have more to say about it soon. Christopher's giving me the evil eye though, because he needs my review column for Say... which looks like it will be all YA books this time around. (Can I resist putting in a plug for Air? Probably not.) Then I have to write the next Dear Auntie column.

Speaking of Say..., please subscribe. It's cheaper than the drive-thru. Promise. (It's not easy running a zine: sing to tune of "It's Not Easy Being Green.") And this issue is beautiful, outside and in. Christopher put up details on how you can secure yourself a copy this morning.

I wanted to point to a few responses to the what kind of reader are you question: Pam McNew's, Holly Black's, Cecil Castellucci's, Lazy Gal's and Simon Owens'. Keep 'em coming. (Also, that "bad books" thing was meant as a self-deprecating joke. If it made you mad, then I probably didn't mean it how you think.)

What's that they say about the sound of deadlines? You have to listen to it?


Updated: Lots more answers to the readery question over at the LBC and some more on individual journals. (Yay!) Responses from: Jason Lundberg, Hannah Wolf Bowen, and Jonathan Strahan. I'll continue to update this section as I see more.


  • At 2:04 PM , Anonymous Kagama said...

    Id have to say that I´m pretty jealous of you getting to read Valiant *pouts* but I hope you will give us some opinions on the book^^


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