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welcome to my martini glass



So, my wireless card didn't take to the hotel network. But I'll try and post later about being mean and karma, readings by lots of people, disappearing the body and the death of the panel (The panel is dead! Just like God and Science Fiction! And the Novel!).

Wiscon was lots and lots of fun, if a bit of a blur. We've been told the traffic is impenetrable between here and home, so are staying another day.



  • At 9:54 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    We had problems with the wireless network, as well. I think that they were just full--typical single wireless access points/routers have up to 255 internal IP addresses available for users, and a friend who'd gotten there Friday afternoon and immediately connected was #169. If the router didn't release addresses for, e.g., 24 hours after their last use (not uncommon, according to a network geek of my acquaintance), it's not surprising that they ran out of addresses.

    The good news is that they're going to be upgrading their guest wireless network this week or next, so next year should be better.



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