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pretty magic trip to wiscon

So, we'd originally planned to drive halfway to Chicago tonight, but have been too busy to prepare. We're leaving at 6 a.m. instead, just in time to swoop through Chicago and pick up Richard and Barb at the airport. The lovely boxes of Say... have you heard this one? arrived this morning. Those of you at Wiscon, put aside 5 bucks to spring for it (and 5 more will get you a subscription and possibly a chance at a fabulous prize*). (Those of you not at Wiscon, scroll down to the right to fork over your 5. It's really, really amazing.)

Meanwhile, my panel on pandemic flu is up against the Adequate Science Fiction reading (Richard, Christopher, Alan DeNiro and Lauren Ann McLaughlin), which makes me very sad and I might drop out of it. That's a reading I don't want to miss.

Speaking of other readings I don't want to miss, there's the one I'm in: Pretty Magic Butlers of Roanoke in Conference Room 2, Sunday from 10–11:15 p.m. I'll be reading with the boots-shakingly excellent Justine Larbalestier, Scott Westerfeld and Ysabeau Wilce.

Christopher kindly worked his ass of designing a limited edition -- extremely limited, only SIX copies in the whole wide world -- chapbook with work by each of us. The genius artist who did our Say... cover this time pitched in a cover made just for us. The whole thing is quite lovely and if you come to our reading, you could win it. Plus, there will be cookies.

Here's the cover:

A beauty, huh?

And yes, I'll be updating and posting pictures and all that good stuff. See some of you very, very soon.

Now, errands.

*More to come



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