shaken & stirred

welcome to my martini glass


baton twirling

It's one of those days.

1. The person (or persons) who passed the baton to you.

Jeff at Syntax of Things. You read him daily, right?

2. Total volume of music files on your computer.

Um, I don't really know how to do that. The only thing I have in there right now is that Fresh Air interview with Amy Sherman-Palladino and the Bob Edwards one with Marshall Chapman where she raps in Middle English. Someday I'll figure out this whole electronic music files thing.

3. The title and artist of the last CD you bought.

I honestly couldn't remember, but Christopher sez Postal Service's Give Up.

4. Song playing at the moment of writing.

"Step Into My Office," Belle and Sebastian

5. Five songs you have been listening to of late (or all-time favorites, or particularly personally meaningful songs)

I'm going with of late:
"Trouble With Dreams," Eels
"Yeti," Caribou
"Freakin' Out," Graham Coxon
"When U Were Mine," Blue Rubies
"Cotton Crush," Kevin Devine

6. The five people to whom you will 'pass the musical baton.'

Justine Larbalestier
Scott Westerfeld
Christopher Rowe (I'm just being mean!)
Richard Butner
Carrie Frye

Answer or face shame!


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