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A few more pointers.

Carrie on OPL (Other People's Libraries), especially the Biltmore Estate library. In the comments, we find a link to Jonathan Safran Foer's old digs.

Ron has some excellent stuff this a.m., including his account of the aforementioned Richie Rich Foer's reading with William Vollman and his tale of being a NYC literary Cinderella who doesn't have to leave the ball.

I keep meaning to pay a visit to Lone Star Stories. This is to remind myself to do it.

Austin Heart of Film Screenwriting Comp is adding a Sci-Fi category this year. More info here. Maybe I'll dust off Poe is Dead and Voices. (Dusting off will be it though, I'm only making with the prose at present.)

People, are you going to let Christopher Rowe get away with not explaining his complicated feelings about Duckie? At least look in on the novelization chatter.

Happy morning.


  • At 9:22 AM , Blogger Christopher said...

    My feelings about Duckie are not complicated. He was an obnoxious self-obsessed twerp. What's complicated about that?

    In the pantheon of annoying "alternative people" from the eighties, Duckie would be Has Scritti Politti Poster on Dorm Wall & Gives Unwelcome Shoulder Massages to Girls at Parties Guy.


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