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Some people get all the talent. Take Melissa Moorer, for instance. Not only is she a kick-ass writer, but she's a rock star too. Hardly fair.

I'm lucky enough to get to read Melissa's work on a regular basis in our local writing group. I've no doubt that you'll soon be getting to read lots more of it. Slush readers, take note of the name.

Anyway, today's a good day for you, because Melissa's first published piece is up online at the Vestal Review.

Go read "How People Leave," then check out the rest of the sure-to-be-awesome 5th Anniversary Cream of the Flash issue.

And then you can go here and order a nice printed copy -- in addition to five new stories (including Melissa's and one by Steve Almond) it features pieces previously published at Vestal Review by Alex Irvine, Sonya Taaffe, Patrick Weekes, Bruce Holland Rogers, Lincoln Michel, Beverly Jackson, Katharine Weber, Bruce Taylor, Aimee Bender, Robert Boswell, Joan Wilking, Christopher Barzak, William Eakin, Gayle Brandeis and Candi Chu. Those of you in the Boston area will want to check out the celebration event at the Boston Public Library Saturday from 2 to 4 p.m.

What are you waiting for? Go read!


  • At 11:07 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Wow! When did this happen? And where the hell was I when it did? And will you marry me? Oh, right. You're already married. And so am I. Hmmmm...

    At least you know firsthand that I don't do well with compliments [see this post]

    Thank you G-Dawg.

    Also, I think your post is longer than my fiction, but I'm not complaining.

    Your fangirl,


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