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No links edition.

A couple of apologies. With all the sickness and sleeplessness and general business, the content around here has been sucking. This is known. Also, not much writing getting done around the Fortress of Words. No email either. (And rumor has it we have to put together a new issue of the magazine in the next month and a half.)


It's time to dare myself to get things back together, now that the taxes are done (we came out more or less even) and I'm feeling better. And Mr. Rowe and George Rowe the Dog, Poster Boy for Family Values, My Attorney, seem on the mend too. (As much as a 14-year-old Golden Retriever mends, which is quite a bit actually.)

Consider this a promise that your email will be answered by next Saturday and that I'll try to spruce up the content on Shaken & Stirred this week. And whenever the going gets hard in terms of fitting in writing, it's time to make that a requirement as well. Between day job and life job lately, it's been very hard. I think I'm going to alternate days, working on the rewrite of GG until that's done and the first draft of the new book till that's done. On new book days, I'll aim for somewhere between 500 and 1000 words a day. I may make a place to post progress on that, or do it over on the Third Glass of Wine; if you're interested in joining in the word count/self-made deadline fun, drop me a line. It's helpful to have compadres.

Tomorrow, I'll post some thoughts on all the books I read on the sick bed.

Also, the Pope died. In case you hadn't heard.


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