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The LA Times takes a look at the Litblog Co-op and does an excellent job of getting across what this is about. AND AND AND quotes Steve Erickson, whose books, as you know, I love dearly:

Los Angeles writer Steve Erickson, whose fantastical novels, including the recent "Our Ecstatic Days," tend to get warm critical receptions but cold sales, welcomed the added attention at a time when he said mainstream outlets are devoting less attention to literary fiction.

"There's no doubt that as book reviews around the country … become more and more indifferent to fiction, some sort of guerrilla action is called for," said Erickson, who teaches creative writing at CalArts. "The attention my recent book got from blogs like Rake's Progress … and the Agony Column and Small Spiral Notebook and whatever ones I'm not even aware of, was at least as intelligent and insightful as any from the conventional press."

Erickson sees the potential effect of the blogs as a positive move toward a broader, and more democratized, discussion.

"I can't help thinking this is the future, and I also can't help thinking that the more the future moves from the media capitals of L.A. and New York out into the hinterlands, the better for literature, culture, fiction, whatever," he said.

Registration required, but go read it anyway. I can't tell you how excited I am to be a part of this effort. You've added the LBC site to your blogrolls and feed readers, right? And those of the participants?

The weather outside is lovely beyond belief. Bike day!


  • At 12:24 PM , Anonymous Dan Wickett said...


    If I had a blogroll, you folks would all be on it!

    Thanks to folks like you, Felicia, Scott and The Rake, I now have five of Erickson's books waiting to be fed to a BRC in the near future!



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