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more things to worry about (in handy list format)

Holly Black is on a roll today. She's posted a list of things that can go wrong, in honor of some friends who have their first books coming out. A sampling:

Contract sent to wrong address.
Contract stolen by gypsies who finish book and turn it in.
Roommate thinks contract is junk mail and throws it away.
Contract actually from Satan. You sign anyway.
Book not completed by contract date.
Book completed by contract date, but terrible.
Only copy of book blows out of car in friend's hilarious re-enactment of Wonder Boys.
Editor hates completed book.
Editor loves completed book, except for main character.
Editor loves completed book, except for plot.
Editor takes one look at book and leaves publishing.
Editor moves houses. You are assigned new editor that hangs up on you.
Book too good. Secret publishing cabal plots your demise.

There are many, many more. Go read! Worry is the new fun.


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