shaken & stirred

welcome to my martini glass


monday hangovers

I'm seriously considering a little hiatus, but we'll see. No writing tonight, but supertasty and full of good stuff carrot cake muffins were baked, there was some exercise after which the fist-shaped aliens residing in my middle back area began to dance with red hot iron shoes on. Must have massage this week. Before crippled.


1. This page on how to vanish in American society is full of fascinating stuff and things/ideas maybe of use to writers. Christopher keeps getting disconcerted when I read aloud approvingly such good ideas as destroying all photos of one's self before departure, or at the very least ensuring that old, photocopied photos will be used instead of a recent likeness. (Via MeFi.)

2. WaPo story on the gender divide in young adult reading. Maybe more on this at some point. (Is it me or does the Post do this same story about boy reading every year?)

3. Ms. Keane tempts me ever closer to Louisville with the goods on the InKy reading series anniversary on Feb 11. Fancy dress. Goodie.

4. The anarchy-lovin' Jenny D seconds Sarah Weinman's recommendation -- (I keep hearing the word as Recommend Nation -- remix this in your head to the tune of Rhythm Nation; Ms. Jackson if you're nasty) -- for The James Deans by Reed Farrel Coleman (who has a spiff site), coincidentally on the day my hold notice at the library for it is filled. Goodie times two.

5. Mr. Barzak (also if you're nasty) presses his advantage in Japan and sees Howl's Moving Castle wayyyy before any of us. And he gets to buy merchandise. My jealousy knows no bounds.

6. 500 songs you'll probably like. (Via Maud's latest guestblogger. So hard to keep track. So too lazy to attempt at the moment.)

Night. Night. Night.


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