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this morning's hangovers

  • Clint cracks me up. We're on the llama/chicken giving wavelength this year at Casa Bond/Rowe, but now I'm not so sure. Sayeth Clint: ... I have to express a certain hesitation, though, toward putting anything in my shopping cart called "The Gift of Bees." I have nightmare visions of children running to the tree on Christmas morning, only to find upon opening their presents that they had been given the gift of bees.

    "Why, Santy Claus, why did you give me the gift of bees?"
  • Mr. McLaren makes a very convincing argument, supported by photographic evidence, that Isabella Rosselini and Dave Foley are one and the same. (I used to make the same argument about Allen Ginsburg and Jim Henson, but I digress.)
  • Have I mentioned today how much I'm loving Like a Hole in the Head by Jen Banbury? And a question for those who've already read it. The copy I took out from the library appeared to have been rebound in the covers of a copy of Jack London's The Grudge. After I started reading, I decided that was just the book's design and intentional, but now I see the cover image on Amazon and the (cleverly) rebound theory resurfaces. Can anyone settle this one way or the other? I suppose I can just keep an eye out for a another copy in bookshops.
More later. Possibly.


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