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welcome to my martini glass


NaDruWriNi, Post 4 ish

So... I used to have this book called Inspired By Drink -- and I'm sure it's around somewhere -- but it hasn't made a shelf yet in the new place. I find myself left with little to write about without it to plagiarize from. Drinking is good and yet good for writing? One says no, after reading that immediately below.

So, I'll happily take questions of the Dear Aunt Gwenda variety or otherwise instead. We're talking universal secrets here. And I WILL answer them tonight. So, ask away. I don't think I'm gonna finish the clown story, because it interests me not at all, but the beauty of this is: you can go do it.

If no questions, I watch zombies and read and listen to music. Is your definition of writing so narrow? Oh, undrunken ones?


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