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Actress Sandra Oh interviewed in the NYT and she curses almost as much as I:

A. After it came out, I couldn't get an [expletive] audition. The only other role I got was another best friend and they said to me, 'Well, you've already played a best friend so we're not going to cast you.' That was a turning point for me to go back to TV - I'd hit the glass ceiling of playing the best friend. And we all know the classic best-friend role is [expletive]. You're on the periphery. You're all sardonic, all sass-say. You're not even sassy, you're sass-say. But even so, you're not going to let me play another one? It was enraging. It's not like they're ever going to say to Danny Glover, 'Oh, you can't play another buddy because you've already played one.' Or say to Jeremy Piven, 'You can't play John Cusack's best friend again.' So because I don't want to depress myself by going out for [expletive], I would rather work in television where the roles are [expletive] better. I can get a better role in TV and work more constantly than I can waiting around for my friends in Canada to call me every four years - which they do - and I go up there and play a leading role.

How charming she is, and who knew Alexander Payne got married? I'm very much looking forward to Sideways, even more now that I've read Oh's fucking interview.


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