shaken & stirred

welcome to my martini glass


why I'm up late

besides the little party (which was great)... art on the walls. Pictures to come soon.

But Ed is right and I see the same thing happening to people I know and in fact have to stop myself from berating people from talking about -X in the possibility of X (if you know what I mean).

Ed says:

The point is this: When the Towers were knocked down, citizens, irrespective of government, gathered together to see what the hell they can do. It was their generosity and bonhomie that got us through that fateful day, not the sham rulers or the opportunists. Why is it that we so frequently forget this? So long as artists and painters and writers and crazed speakers and determined protestors and giddy bastards continue to fight the good fight, we're going to be okay.

Because the plain truth is that the human spirit in all of its omnifarious forms cannot be quashed. Even with a second Bush term. If those in power are to declare that certain sectors of the vox populi are to be denied basic liberties, then it is your responsibility to not only take the power away from them, but to point the middle finger in their faces. And you can do that first and foremost by heading to the polls on November 2. But beyond that, inhabit who you are and damn the consequences. The rest will follow and the world will be all right.

I think he's right.

(I also think right now we should all listen to ABBA's "Fernando" but that's the liquor talkin'...)

Good night, sleep tight.


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