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seconding mckeown emotion

I keep forgetting to point to OGIC's post about Erin McKeown. Long-time readers of S&S (all two of you) may remember the way I found Erin McKeown from way back during the Journalscape days. I'd heard "Cinematic" on our fabulous local radio station but only enough to fall in love with it and get snatches of the lyrics and fruitless searches on the internet by me and a dozen others failed to turn up what song it was or who it was by. I bet I listened to 50 snatches of songs about cinemas and cineramas on Amazon looking. Finally, my query was answered in a bittersweet email (bittersweet because the station had been sold off to Christians by then) from the station manager, who'd been googling to see if people were sad about the station dying and found my pleas.

So, anyway, go read the post and believe her: Erin McKeown is a star.


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