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Happy Orange Scary Teeth Day!

Otherwise known as Halloween... well, almost Halloween.

Today was a good day. C. did not have to work all day as expected so we found ourselves with a clear slate. We crossed some stuff off the list and discovered the very best shop ever.

You see, I'd been coveting from afar this cool wooden hanging with three levels that say "Hocus Pocus, Abracadabra, Alakazam" -- because I heart the magic, as most of you know. There was even a Carter Beats the Devil poster hanging next to it, so I knew my eyes weren't deceiving me. The shop was The Clock Shop, and nearly everything else in the windows was of the cool, weird clock variety. We never seemed to pass by when it was open.

Until today. I yelled, "The door's open!" and we screeched to a halt. Went in, where the proprieter, beardy mustache round guy, was talking about ghosts he'd actually seen (ahem) with a tall customer type. He told us to look around but that they were having a really interesting conversation so interrupt if we needed help. I asked about the hanging and he gave it to me for five dollars less than the sticker price. And he did two magic tricks for us!

Because yes, it turns out that in addition to being The Clock Shop, the place is the local magic shop. Full of gags and props and, best of all, tons of rare and hard-to-find books about magic.

Oh, happiness.

We got other fine things as well, including many comic books and two new Cheap Ass Games, which may well be inflicted upon someone this evening. Speaking of which...

off to the cool kid party in my spiderweb patent leather cowboy boots, which I might post a picture of tomorrow if my head doesn't hurt like the devil's poking my eyes from inside. I found them at a long-gone thrift shop when I was 19 or so, and shopping with Jeremy and Sunshine. No one else came close to fitting into them. They're like my glass slippers and get worn (at least) every Halloween.


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