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Wow, did I not mean to disappear. Oh well. I got a haircut. I have bangs! (Well, kinda. You'd like it.)

And had a helluva a week. But I did accumulate lots of stuff you've probably already seen that I'm going to link to anyway. Though not the little people -- that's everywhere and yes, very, very cool. You know the scientists are cringing at the "hobbit" designation, shaking their heads and squinting at the typical media translation. Oh wait, I do have a little people link. Forget all that. Let's go:

1. You should read what Carl Zimmer has to say about the discovery over at The Loom. "Get to know that little skull. Scientists are going to be talking about it for centuries."

2. Strange clouds as viewed from the International Space Station. (Via mefi.)

3. Giant squid round-up from Weirdwriter. (Also seen at Tingle Alley.)

4. The Lit Saloon rounds up a bunch of good Gilmore Girls links and generally talks sense about the show. I, of course, watched "Norman Mailer, I'm Pregnant" and may even watch it again (oh the joys of the TiVoid). It wasn't my favorite episode this season and I really, really, really, really wish Chris wasn't being inserted into the season before Luke and Lorelai's relationship consummation has time to be fun. Their names start with the same letters for chrissake, it's meant to be, Amy Sherman-Palladino! Don't get all high and mighty on your Mailer trip! Also, a little sad how little facetime the younger Mailer got, considering I'm guessing the whole guest shot was more or less for his benefit.

5. Homeless hygiene. (Via Boing Boing.)

6. Jeff chats with Ahnuld (this is the funniest thing I've seen all week).

7. The cinetrix points to must-see O Russell TV on IFC Monday night.

Halloween posts to come. Angst over election to continue, but see how hard I worked not to extend my ulcer?


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