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hunter's usually right about horror movies

Plus, Buffy in a movie with no talking dog:

Among our many crimes as an imperialistic exploiter of other nations' cultures, stealing their movies ranks lower than selling them cigarettes but higher than killing their game. If you've seen big stupid American versions of France's 'Three Men and a Cradle' or, recently, Japan's 'Shall We Dance?,' you can only mutter: Guilty, guilty, guilty.

Now along comes 'The Grudge,' adapted from a terrifyingly creepy Japanese film, and the only verdict is: Innocent, innocent, innocent. That is because 'The Grudge,' though it now stars perky, attractive Yanks, assiduously avoids Americanizing the film's essential bleakness of spirit. The film is still set in Japan and still directed by the original creator, Takashi Shimizu, and its ending is just as crushing. In fact, you might argue that this version of the film is a little better than the original.

I can't wait. Now, to talk Mr. Rowe into going along. (Or Mandy? Mandy, are you out there?)

A week of such longness I can't describe and it's not over. Tonight, we'll go check out the new little Italian place or something and not much else. Go look at magazines. Tomorrow, the Big Hometown Wedding Reception. Prolly no pictures.

Next week, life should return to normal and I can FINALLY do the FINAL (until it's for an editor!) pass on my book and get it out there. And then, the next book, which I'm ready to start on -- except for the small matter of needing to take a research trip down to the Outer Banks first.


  • At 9:09 PM , Blogger Rob said...

    "The Grudge" has a Kentucky connection too via actor Tom Mapother. An article said he is in the new tv show Lost but I don't recall seeing him.

  • At 12:08 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Can I talk about how mad I am that Queen Latifah and Jimmy Fallon are starring in the Hollywoodization of The Taxi?!

    Why did they need to remake it? It was perfect as is.


    EEK (and Nigel)


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