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Say... update

This is an official Fortress of Words mea culpa and update on the next issue of Say... (...have you heard this one?)

We're behind. All that getting married, moving house, schedules from hell, etc., etc. have resulted in a terrible state of being behind. We are also not attending World Fantasy Convention this year, which is where we usually debut the fall issue.

We are still putting out the issue. We are reading through the submissions now and hope to have acceptances and rejections out within the next few weeks at the absolute outside longest. The issue will come out sometime between now and December 25, and it will be beautiful. We expect to perfect-bind again and we will be sending out review copies as aggressively as ever and printing more copies than usual. We will also hopefully debut a new Fortress of Words website, where issues can be purchased, before the end of the year.

So, in short, if we have your story/poem/what-have-you, you'll hear from us soon. We're running a little late, but remain committed to the product (just in this case, to our sanity a tiny smidge moreso).

worm "Evil," Interpol

name Mandy "Where the Hell's my stake?" Helton


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