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Christopher has written a long and fascinating entry in his journal about our neighborhood -- fascinating to me, even though I live in it. So, if you want to know about the haps and scenery in our immediate neighborhood, beyond the birds, check it out. Also, I've never encountered the deep mapping technique, but it intrigues as a concept. (And hey, if it'll make me write as well as Mr. Rowe, bring it on, I say.) An excerpt:

• The next building down the street houses a new age gift shop, but not the one that can give you any help with KSS (I did mention that we’re near a college campus, didn’t I?). It’s called The Gate and is to be admired for the consistency of its graphic design. I was trying to decide whether to trust the “open” sign and lock up my bike when a young lady walked up to the door and peered inside. “Do you work here?” I asked her. “Are you open?” She said, “No and no.” Then she took some keys out of her bag, opened the door, and went inside to turn the open sign off.

Bonus link to the PBS Mister Rogers' site for the Neighborhood of Make Believe, which features King Friday and the gang in semi-interactive cartoon renderings.

The ice is not here yet. Still very hot. Also sneezy. Send the ice.

worm "Feed Kill Chain," Jay Farrar

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  • At 9:31 PM , Blogger Rob said...

    Ahem, what about The Village review? I saw it this weekend also and was wandering your take on it. And I noticed China Mieville will be at Jo-Beth Tuesday night pushing Iron Council.


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