shaken & stirred

welcome to my martini glass



I don't think I have to go into anymore detail than to say that it's before eight in the morning on a Saturday and I'm drinking Gypsy Lemon-Echinacea Throat Coat tea. Overnight, the sore throat I've been in denial about all week decided to set up shop, apparently opening little drink umbrellas inside my throat and sticking them into my tonsils.

Nothing like a weekend visit to that cradle of humanity, the urgent treatment center.


A writer on one of the screenwriting list-servs I'm on is looking for a story called "The True Meaning of the Faust Legend." He read it in a best of antho, he thinks, in the '70s, and doesn't remember the writer. Ring a bell with any of you erudite sorts?

Unrelated to any of this, is the fact that Alan DeNiro is a funny mo-fo. He's created my favorite Cultural Index so far, with only 26 questions, but good ones. "Tennis or Vicks Vaporub," "Tax relief or Billy Collins," "Centralia, Pennsylvania or I'm OK, You're OK," "alchemy or Arby's." They're all great. Go look.

worm "Hunting Tigers," The Bonzo Family Dog Band

namecheck Jim "Searcher" Foley


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