shaken & stirred

welcome to my martini glass


i got your sock monkey right here

Teller reviews Penn's novel Sock in the New York Times Book Review. Yay! (Now if only Teller would publish the wonderful travel diaries he's kept about some of their trips.)

There's another reason not to trust me: I'm biased. But do you really want an unbiased review? An impersonal report that weighs a work of art on antiseptic scales in units of cosmic goodness? Of course not. That's no fun. You want to learn the bias of a hotheaded reviewer and read him in that light. Since I've chosen Penn as my lifelong artistic partner, my prejudices should be obvious. I can't react impartially to Penn's newborn baby. I see in its fierce little eyes all the traits I know in its father.

It's the little things.

Let a day that began with a sigh close with a happy one. (Also, Mark Costello, who wrote the brilliant Big If reviews a new book about gangsters in the 1930s. Life is good.)


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