shaken & stirred

welcome to my martini glass



I'll be, tomorrow. In the meantime, visit all the cheerful, brilliant characters over to your right.

Jason Lundberg very nicely makes a friend list of Honorable Mentions from the new Year's Best Fantasy and Horror (damn, but I wish we'd realized it was out last night when we were AT the bookstore). I count three from "Say..." in this subset, so yay! "Say..." contributors. Have you sent us anything for "Say...have you heard this one?" Hmmmm?

Jeff at Syntax of Things posts a picture of an excellent scary cat. Must see.

I'm working on some SuperFriends posts for Ed's place. Soon. (But not tomorrow, aforementioned absence.) I'm sure the other SuperFriends will be kicking ass and taking turns.

Last, a poem.

My Make-Up

on my cheeks I wear
the flush of two beers

on my eyes I use
the dark circles of sleepless nights
to great advantage

for lipstick
I wear my lips

--Rochelle Kraut


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