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One of the other big, great cycling races is the Tour of Spain, or Vuelta a Espana (which sounds prettier, doesn't it?). Well, the Outdoor Life Network has shown significant portions of this race in the past and had indicated it would this year -- instead, they want to do one of those crappy "wrap-up" inadequate broadcasts at the end (much like CBS's coverage of the Tour, if you've ever seen that wreckage of lives). Help us stop this so we can have another section of our yearly lives overtaken by Le Cycle.

Sign the "Full Broadcast Coverage for the Vuelta a Espana Petition":

"We the undersigned petitioners of whom are known as Outdoor Life Network road cycling racing fans petition the OLN TV network the following:

1. That OLNTV broadcast the Vuelta a Espana [Tour of Spain] daily from September 4 to September 26, 2004.

2. That this daily broadcast be live and be comparable to the daily coverage afforded the Giro d'Italia [Tour of Italy] and the Tour de France [Tour of France].

3. This daily coverage would be anywhere from a time duration of 1.5 to 3 hours depending on the stage conditions [flat fast running stage to a slow ride up in the mountain stages]."

It only takes a second. Consider it your worthless cause for the day.

worm "The House That Dripped Blood," The Mountain Goats

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