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if there was time enough

I'd refuse to get dressed and just sit watching Turner Classic Movies this month, well, at least a day ever few, as they spotlight different greats every day. Today was Barbara Stanwyck Day, but, really, isn't every day Barbara Stanwyck Day?

I doubt I'll get to watch many of these, but if ever I'm searching for something this month, I know where to look first. Now you do, too. Complete monthly listings here.

Now I have to sleep. In the almost cool house.



  • At 8:28 PM , Blogger Bill S. said...

    Every day IS Barbara Stanwyck day, at least as far as I'm concerned. There ought to be a holiday. Having missed most of the movies today, my sole consolation is I've seen 9 of them already. And what, no Double Indemnity? No Remember the Night? No There's Always Tomorrow? This is an actress who deserves a week.


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