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Chris Barzak's got some excellent thoughts on zines in a post responding to another post by Chance Morrison elsewhere. Definitely read the comments, and take them all to heart, except for my rambling, shambling two-glasses-of-wine editorial vision for Say... (It's all true, but not as finely worded as it might have been.) The Mumpsimus has an examination of the back and forth if you just want a summary and some insightful commentary.

I would say more, but see aforementioned reference to wine and the fact that my bed is calling to me. The upstairs neighbor just came down to borrow our phone, making a .50 information call, I might add, so he could call his girlfriend who has apparently vacated the premises. They moved in about two weeks ago. He said he has a lot of anger and a key to his apartment. I guess that's right.


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