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So, the inimitable Ed at Return of the Reluctant has somehow crossed the line between sane and un and invited me (and I'm guessing a few others) to guest blog while he takes care of business. Color me way more excited than anybody crammed into the politically correct sweathall in Boston right now. Please send any noteworthy literary or too-good-to-pass-up links via email to Gwenda007ATgmailDOTcom. And don't worry, I'll still be putting stuff up here. (I know you were worried.)

Justine, correspondent to the stars, has an ARC of her first published novel. She is beyond best. Go see. Pretty cover.

I started writing my first novel when I was five years old. I have no idea what it was about but I do remember spending considerable time trying to get the title right, though this had more to do with crayon colour than scansion.

I really, really want to start a "first thing I wrote" feature for Say... Wouldn't that be killer? Does anyone still have this stuff? (I do; "Life in the Year 2020.")

See you here and see you there. The brown birds with the white-striped wings are organizing an attack (yes, possibly encouraged by Jack White and Loretta Lynn) on our house. They've left the backyard and come after George the Dog in the post office parking lot. This means war.

worm "Jackson," Hem

namecheck Ed "You Probably Won't Be Reluctant This Time" Champion


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