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I am, today. Busy, busy.

So, time for a little googlism game via Barth Anderson. The fact that there are inumerable ways to waste time like this available to me is a comfort. (Also, I have more than one favorite.)

1. Go to Googlism.
2. Enter your first name into the search box and Googlism! yourself.
3. Pick the BEST responses, and list them.
4. Bold your favorite of the BEST.

gwenda is bred out of the most influental european bloodliens
gwenda is plagued by

gwenda is revered in our group as "friend of strokers
gwenda is back
gwenda is responsible for marketing the wine worldwide and they are joined during the holiday season by their three children
gwenda is racked with hallucinations of a dead body lying in their hallway
gwenda is ideal for tight grazing and occasional cutting
gwenda is confused because she hasn't seen this house for at least 18 years
gwenda is the 'canadian

gwenda is well known as an esperantist

gwenda is happy there
gwenda is the model on which mary olivier will be moulded
gwenda is just famous with keywords lemonsun
gwenda is experiencing confusion as to the identity of her many children
gwenda is thinking about running him in some country cups

Now, you.

worm "First Few Desperate Hours," The Mountain Goats

namecheck Karen "You Go Girl" Meisner


  • At 9:39 AM , Blogger Jason Erik Lundberg said...

    jason is god
    jason is alive
    jason is the happiest he has ever been in his life
    jason is judging my camera work
    jason is alive? jason is in
    jason is awesome

  • At 10:55 AM , Blogger Barb said...

    barbara is nuclear free
    barbara is back
    barbara is a high energy dance fiddler from springfield
    barbara is a wierd creepy witch
    barbara is a contemporary colourist who has had a love affair with sunlight
    barbara is also a qualified hopi ear candle therapistbarbara is doing the world cup rally and also for the first time in her motorsport career

    barbara is the "assigned teacher" for the "class from hell
    barbara is observed by catholics and protestants alikebarbara is the author of prophetic intercession
    barbara is not the only one nostalgic about the fifties
    barbara is also contemplating bike riding on the weekends

  • At 5:32 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    (Since my real name produced 0 results, I had to break out the ugly nickname.)

    Apparently, I am:

    the salvation
    a dog from hell personalscolder than death
    a stranger
    the killer app if you want to fix your future
    not for sissies
    a battlefield
    a game that two can play and both will win
    far worse than expected


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