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taking Terry's test (updated)

I knew I couldn't resist forever. I finally buckled and took the now famous Teachout Cultural Concurrence Index, scoring a much higher than expected 73 percent (answering all). I feel like I hardly know myself.

Points of divergence were:

Duke Ellington
Hamburgers (You are a deviant! Not that I don't enjoy a good hot dog, but this is 'Merka.)
Johnny Cash (That was tough; they may have revoked my Kentucky citizenship)
Oscar Wilde
white wine (It's summer.)
Twyla Tharp
Gershwin and Gershwin
Cole Porter
Elvis Costello (Steely Dan is SCARY!)
Election (I liked Ghost World, but am still a little disturbed by the fact that a comic about the relationship between two girls became more about the relationship between one girl and a middle-aged man.)
Pomo, baby
Boswell (That Boswell just cracks me up. Plus, bonus points for providing a life that could yield the best title ever -- Boswell's Clap and Other Essays : Medical Analyses of Literary Men's Afflictions -- for one of my favorite science/literary detective works.)
Virginia Woolf (Sorry, Karen, it's just because I've put off reading Austen, I'm sure.)
Double Indemnity
Oklahoma (Don't ask.)
Merce Cunningham
the Twenties
James Joyce
No anchovies!

And, of course, some of these I feel the need to wiggle on -- I actually prefer medium novels, which I guess is more short-ish, than short, and I'm perfectly fine with long ones too. I like Cat Power AND Wilco, but when it comes down to it, I listen to Wilco more often, so they got the nod. And some, maybe even most, aren't things I'd go to the mat on (they aren't Immutables, in another word).

Feels almost like I accomplished something.

PPS (which appears above the first PS because it's about this entry): Christopher scored a 72 percent, only one point off my 73, but differed almost entirely on different choices. Interesting. We're now talking about making our own Concurrence Index. I'll keep you posted.

UPDATED P.S. Un TCCI-related, Stephen Ellliott is guest blogging most amusingly over at The Elegant Variation,.

worm "Supernova," Liz Phair

namecheck Terry "Arbiter of Taste" Teachout


  • At 8:48 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    42. i'm apparently a spider-man/wagner/opera/conceptual art/gaugin/don giovanni/kundera/cash and lucinda williams/moby-dick/double indemnity/column-b kinda guy.

    terry's selection of The Who over The Stones says a lot, since, by my ear, the great townsend will forever walk in the shadow of "exile on main street."

  • At 1:16 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    My answers were roughly 1/3 A, 1/3 B, and 1/3 "can't decide",
    "huh?", or "why should I care?"

    Which I guess is sort of the point.

    (But in any case Elvis Costello is way cooler than Steely Dan.)


  • At 10:34 AM , Blogger The Editor said...


    Guess I'm a genekelly/dukeellington/dog/chaplin/casablanca/stones/dickens/hamburger/johnnycash/brando/oscarwilde/simpsons/magazine-reading/elviscostello/dickvandyke/smoothpeanutbutter kind of guy (and a few other things since this list was getting too long.)



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