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'alez,' dale evans said to her trusty steed, 'alez, alez!'

So, I have to admit I've actually been watching the Tour. And compulsively checking the news about it.

He's won.

But, really, it's pretty damn exciting. I think I finally get it. But I've had one glass too much wine to explain it tonight. And by tomorrow I may be an acolyte, so don't count on not having to figure it out all by your lonesome. But -- it's an exciting and a pretty fucking cool sport, different in all sorts of ways and this race (there were cheering little people on the sidelines just now!) is awesome.

Okay. I wouldn't normally post this here, I'd post it to the girls (you know who you are) but the nerve of that Hulk. Or as someone wiser and wittier than me said in a moment of clarity, "Maybe we would like him when he's angry."

Now, back to the bicycles, an excerpt from the fabulous Jambon report from Crazy Jane at the Daily Peloton, just in case you thought I was exaggerating the girliness:

The Gorillas - "George and Eki today? Like Machines!" was Lance's comment after today's TTT. As the race heats up, I have a feeling we will be seeing more and more of these incredibly strong, incredibly professional, and unbelievably good looking total bike racing studs. Or, is that a "chicken or egg" type question? Do we see more of them when the race heats up, or does the race heat up because we are seeing more of them? Have I gone too far with that? I'm sorry, but it must be said, and it must be said repeatedly: those two are hot.

I must defend here, that Jane actually does seem to know an awful lot about bicycling. And however sexist this is, I think it's hilarious. I'm a big fan of any balls out unsubjective coverage, especially in sports. I wish all sports had funny, tongue-in-cheek coverage like this. Read. The. Jambon reports. There's one on the way about their "kits" ala oufits.

The US Postal team kicked ass today by the way, and Tyler Hamilton's team is still respectable even though he has a broken collar bone. Broken in two places. Wow.

That's about it for tonight because I have to go to chat now with my workshop but two more things:

My first birthday presents from afar arrived today and made me happy beyond Orson Welles' most exotic dreams.

And, if you've seen a stray blimp, these guys'll give you $500 smackeroos, but if you can snag the sucker owning a blimp might be worth more.

Good night all.


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