shaken & stirred

welcome to my martini glass



"The Haunting of L." by Howard Norman was a lovely, ripping read. I highly recommend it. The tone is stretched tight across the whole book, some very interesting and subtle maneuvers with structure (and sequence), and beautiful, often creepy prose. And I just enjoyed the hell out of it.

Now, I can start the new Bill Bryson science tome, which was my two years since our first real date present from Christopher over the weekend. (We went to the bookstore and picked stuff out for each other, each going over our $25 cap.) I got the Bryson and candles and he got a CD of nice Celtic/Irish songs and a book about bicycling called "The Rider," and we both got a pack of the bigger size moleskin notebooks to split. (I love the bigger size moleskins. The small ones are nice, but too small for me as my handwriting tends to get big and scrawly when I'm writing fast.)

We had champagne and sat outside and listened to the new CD. Which has a beautiful version of "Fields of Gold" by Eva Cassidy on it.

And yesterday I felt bleh and we went to the library and got more books and wrote things. Today, I'm at the hospital waiting out my grandmother's surgery, so I'd better go take a shower and pack my computer bag to take with.

Have a nice day and don't step on any sidewalk cracks.


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