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twinkle, twinkle, little raindrop

My head is tired tonight. Too tired to write or yammer much, which means blissfully short and inoffensive for you. The only bicycling thing I'm going to say today is, if you want to be reminded of the humanity in sports go read Tyler Hamilton's journal entry about the past few days. (For those not playing at home, this is He of the Broken Collar Bone and Iron Resolve.) And have I mentioned Devil Guy? Who hangs out at the 21 km mark or thereabouts every day? Devil Guy rocks.

Okay, the following is one of the more interesting classified ads I've seen lately in our little alterna-weekly, so I'm posting it up here for your edification, amusement and, potentially, action:

ANTIQUE CAST IRON bed frame. Also available. 100 pairs of shoes. Brand new. Make an offer. 859/608-2473.

Supply your own story. (I find it interesting that the size(s) of these shoes are unspecified.)

I believe that is all, except there's been a bunch of interesting science articles I haven't linked to this week, so go check out the Nature home page and New Scientist. The Bill Bryson book and the Orson Welles bio by Thompson make interesting contrasting reading.



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