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In a world...

Right now, scant blocks away, many, many people are running for their lives, running 10 miles actually, with snapping dogs and pistol packing insurgents chasing right behind them.

Okay, actually, these people are just running. I'd need the snapping dogs and pistols if it was me. But still, ha, these people are insane. I'm reading the papers and drinking nice coffee and planning my day while they RUN. Life is beautiful. (why, oh, why do I have to suddenly flash on Roberto Begnini (sp) at that phrase? so unfair.)

Two things related to strangeness in our oceans. Everyone's been talking about the giant thing that may be whale blubber or may be one of the Deep Sea Terrors that we all know are down there, except we don't really know they're down there because deep sea research doesn't get funded any more (and never was adequately).

There's this article at the BBC with spectacular photos of serpent stars, coffin fish and, my favorite, the fangtooth whose teeth are longer than its head. Go see and marvel. (Thanks to R'yleh spotter, Mr. McLaren for that one.)

And then, there's this thing in the New York Times that I've never, ever heard of. Artificial reefs. One in New Jersey just got a bunch of subway cars added to it. I quote:

Recreational and commercial fishermen extolled the subway cars as welcome additions to the artificial reefs, which are piles of old Army tanks and armored personnel carriers, tons of concrete and other construction debris, and scrap steel. The reefs first attract mussels, barnacles and tiny plants. Then sea bass, tautog and flounder come to feed on them. Later, bigger game fish, sometimes tuna and sharks, arrive.

Very strange. Go and read that too.

Oh, and more Syc Hill pictures from Jim Kelly up here.

Now, go celebrate this damn country or something.


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