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welcome to my martini glass


Just read a wonderful review of I, Lucifer, which makes me excited to start reading it. I had picked it up at the library yesterday because it looked fun.

My nephews today were convinced that their new bicycyles are actually dirt bikes. And I don't blame them. I think I'll start thinking of my car as a dirt bike and myself as Evil Knievel. Was anyone else as obsessed with Evil Knievel as my brother and I were when we were kids? Or do I have to ask--what child can resist a real person, an adult even, named EVIL, who makes a living being a daredevil? I remember rigging up a giant yellow Hot Wheels ramp upstairs and an endless cycle of careening objects off it, jumping across jungle or the Mississipi or mountains made of fire. We tried to up the stakes with each one. By the time we got to the Scooby Doo van going over, the situation was quite dire.

If I'd known who Philippe Petit was back then, I would have pitted the two against each other. Can Evil Knievel jump the graceful wire walker? Can the wire walker survive over a river of flame being jumped by Evil Knievel?

It seems like the ultimate sad child-following-in-parents' footsteps story that Robbie Knievel ended up doing this stuff. I wish he had ended up a botanist instead.

Is it totally obvious that the laundry is still not done yet?


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