shaken & stirred

welcome to my martini glass


this is the hard drive, this is the ocean

(Evan Dando on "Hard Drive" off Baby, I'm Bored)

Incidentally, the CD above is the best gym music ever, or at least to date. It slows down in enough places to keep you from having a heart attack, and the fast ones make you speed up enough to see god or something like it.


Music makes working out easier. And more fun. Less like torture, anyway, because I don't want to go overboard lest you doubt what I'm telling you.

Seriously, it's like being in fourth grade when everybody started getting walkmans and it was cool. Why? Not because it was new technology, but because you could walk around with your own secret music and nobody knew what it was. Nobody but you. Unless, of course, you inadvertently belted along with it, which let's face it, happens. (And it just never fails to bring joy to those who witness it. The kind of joy you become the butt of, because nobody ever assumes that you just don't care if you're singing too loud to music only you can hear.)

Anyway, secret music + the gym=less pain. I promise.

# # #

Seriously hoping that I just forgot to copy my last four pages of the book on the back-up disk and that they will be all there, nice and safe on the computer hard drive and I won't have to write them all over again. (That is not THE last four pages of the book, just the last four I wrote.)

Speaking of which... 'Night.


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