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Okay, so I've been asked not to directly link to the review of Ideomancer Unbound in Tangent Online because, y'know, reviews are only available to subscribers for the first three weeks after they go up. (I think.)

But I was told I could put the awesome things the reviewer had to say about Christopher's story up. So, yay!

"The Dreaming Mountains," by Christopher Rowe
What if: The landscape was really a sleeping dragon that was about to awake.
The story: The slumber of the vast Dragon Appalach is disturbed and he determines to rouse himself. However, various humans somehow aware of this potential event speak to him and make him aware that the time of, and need for, dragons has passed and he returns to his slumber. Wow. There's a quality to this tale that's almost like a story from the Old Testament, one could believe this is a retelling of some ancient myth, yet happening now. Wonderfully evocative, emotionally enchanting, layered in symbolism that never intrudes to overwhelm the tale, this is more than just a story one reads, it is a story to be experienced. When I see this author's by-line in the future I will fall upon it with expectant pleasure: truly wonderful, and heartily recommended.

Barbara Barrett (the reviewer) is obviously a Genius Critic. Now, go buy Ideomancer Unbound or something.


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