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welcome to my martini glass


Updating one's blog three times in one day surely must be unhealthy, right? That's right -- I like to inhabit the edge of time-having-too-much-of.

This one's for Richard. An article on barbeque and its many virtues. Is that how the true devotee spells the word, or is it some deviation such as bbq or barbecue? Wait, maybe I have it wrong and barbeque is the deviation. Hmmm... Ah, the puzzles of food words.

I think it's funny that this pan of what may be the only Bollywood SF movie so far (?) is written so poorly. Writing a bad review poorly just voids your point, dude. (It's Monday, I can get by with an ironic use of dude.)

And, you know, I've been following a lot of the essays and blogging surrounding the possible war with Iraq. This essay from The Progressive seems to make a lot of sense to me, if still not quite being something I agree with 100 percent. But then, what do I know? Not much, in the scheme of things.

Keep those admonitions to Christopher to write coming; I think they're working.


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