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Yesterday's entry that didn't post...

A few things of interest today and no commentary from yours truly who is roasting in a truly airless environment. (No, the Kingdom of Hell didn't finally come claim me; I think one of the janitors is having a bad day and has cranked up the heat.)

A review of the new Cat Power record in the Washington Post, extremely favorable.

The New York Times gets extremely snarky about the poets for peace, the ones who showed up anyway.

And reports on another terra cotta army found in China. I saw parts of the Xian army at an exhibit at the Kentucky Horse Park a couple of years ago. It was the first time they were ever shown outside the country in such a large way; quite amazing, and the city of Lexington still has a lovely horse statue downtown that was a gift from the Chinese government. I got seated at a table with foreign dignitaries who weren't lucky or important enough to get translators, but who were very pleasant and impressed with my chopstick abilities.

And again in the NYT, a fascinating piece from the magazine about a disabled advocate in a philosophical debate with a professor who literally questions her right to live. It's nice to see something about philosophy that gets it back into a debate with reality.

Now, move on, there's nothing else to see here.


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