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As I was signing in this morning I noticed the following blog in the recently updated list: "Always Look On The Dark Side of Death." I bet this guy lives in south Florida and is the life of the party. What do you think?

Also on my way here to update this morning, I saw a breaking news story about the arrest of five men in England in connection with the shoe bomber case. Five guys. Came up... With that plot... Five of them. It took FIVE of them. Feeling pretty confident in law enforcement intelligence until I realize it took several months to locate them.

So, the ever-vigilant Alan pointed me to a Fox News story about the Glove Monster and family's visit to the zoo the day after the -- "Hey, Liza, look over there!"-- baby dangling incident, which has a picture of little miss Paris. I have to say I fully agree with the sage child phsychologist quoted in the article who notes that placing a towel over a child's head can have serious problems. But really, it's going to be kind of hard in this case to blame the towel, isn't it? Poor, creepy kid.

My favorite story yesterday is about the island off the Sicilian coast that may resurface for the first time since the 1800s due to all the recent volcanic activity. It's an interesting story and you should definitely read it, all about the competition to claim it last time, and hey, some divers have even gone down and planted an Italian flag already just in case it comes up again... But really, I can't help wishing that the people who realized this will probably happen hadn't told anybody. But then, I can be evil.

It's very rare that I actually think about living in Lexington and feel great about the city itself. Oh, I like it here just fine and it's surrounded by absolutely beautiful landscape and history and there are things I do really love about the city -- but I don't think about them often. Over the weekend, a fundamentalist preacher from Kansas came here to stand outside several churches with ugly, ugly signs in protest of two fathers who recently had quadruplets with a surrogate mother. The fathers' Catholic church, which they're devout attendees of, christened the babies a couple of weeks ago. Which was when this fundamentalist preacher realized he needed to come here with his ugly signs. People here didn't really think much of his ideological grounds, which is giving me a rare warm fuzzy for the city of Lexington.

And now, off into the day, which has already featured cold coffee because the coffee maker accidentally got set to brew immediately last night instead of brew at 5:55 and a forgotten cell phone and another trip out into the cold to take it (really, that was no big deal). But there's a new Buffy tonight, so that's gotta mean something. Good.


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