shaken & stirred

welcome to my martini glass


Behind me, Christopher is making "Six Million Dollar Man" noises as he swears he'll be ready to go before I've even started typing this. Ha! He'll just have to wait. I'm not the (only) one who slept till 11 this morning.

We're headed out to brunch and then to the coffee shop to pretentiously write in public. And somewhere in there, we'll take George the Dog, Poster Boy for American Values, to the park.

Yesterday he went to work, voluntarily, because he's trying to hit some kind of hours worked record. He says he had to some paperwork. You be the judge. When he finally came home yesterday afternoon, I went to the library and figured out how to use it. Owing to an incident where my 8th grade academic team checked out a bunch of books in my name on HIV (and one bizarrely called The Ice Cream Sundae Incident, which I believe may have been Choose Your Own Adventure) and then never took them back, I was banned from checking things out. I swear I didn't even have the books! And yet, they sent me photocopies of the check-out cards every so often and I'm pretty sure I owe them about $200,000 in late fees. (Interestingly enough, just the amount they need to build their new library building.) After that, I was always vaguely afraid to go to any library, that lights would flash and sirens would go off. I also have a life-long aversion to registering for or picking up any kind of card. So....
The library's a new playground for me. One that I'm currently in love with. Yesterday I got three fun books and four research books and spent a good portion of the day there.

Then we went to a nice Cajun dinner and to see 8 mile. I do recommend the movie, but mostly because of the woman sitting in front of us. She referred to Eminem as her "husband" -- which disturbs me, that he actually has female fans who fantasize about dating him after hearing the wife-killing song. But anyway, she was very vocal throughout the movie, particularly during the raunchy sex scene when she shouted out, "Oh yeah, baby, show it to me now!" After the movie was over, she turned around to apologize to us and we assured her she was our favorite part of the movie. All I can say is, I did enjoy it, which further cements Curtis Hanson in my mind as a gifted director. The script did a good job of addressing cliches head on without making a big noise about it. Better than I expected, much.

And now Christopher's glaring because he really is ready so I gotta dash. Peace out, as they say in the movies.


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