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Well, it's nearly Friday. Yesterday was a busy, busy day of the kind that makes your head whirl, your shoulders ache and your sleep solid. Much better now, but a little sad because I had to miss the free showing of the rock and roll ukelele documentary a local filmmaker who is big buddies with the Coen Bros. made. It looks fabulous and I hope I get to see it someday, over, under or in earshot of a rainbow. (Oh, c'mon, it's never too early for an Oz reference. Live a little.)

Chris McLaren, of the Frozen North and the way too smart for anyone else's good, has pointed out something that's just brilliant. I'm sure you've all seen the photo of M "Glove Monster" J dangling the baby from the balcony by now, but have you considered its visual and thematic resonance with the Goya painting of Saturn?

Of course, I really should lay off and let bygones go by because it was a "mistake." He just got "caught up in the moment." Excuse me? Yeah, I know when I'm in a hotel room (and Germans are cheering below... stay with me people...) and I walk out onto a balcony I usually have to fight not to get caught up in the moment. Balcony-walking-out-on is a heady vibe, friends; I think we can all agree on that. Those poor children. Given silly names and forced to wear towels and scarves over their heads. Someone please take them and sell them to a good home in a third-world country. Somewhere they can get a decent upbringing.

Did I mention I'm really glad it's almost Friday? Oh, I am.

(Do not watch The Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood. It's not good and you won't like it.)

The Solaris marketing people are geniuses by the way. How do we sell a science fiction movie that's a remake of one of the longest and um, most challenging films of all time? Naked George Clooney. Makes sense to me.

I meant to put these up yesterday but didn't get time. From the Washington Post, three things of interest: black holes and supernovas are linked (which makes intuitive sense to me, as they tend to be so in life as well); nice feature on the man who couldn't stop taking buses; and the Magazine Reader reviews the new Zine Guide(none of us are mentioned).

Have good days and swirly thoughts.


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