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welcome to my martini glass


Top of the day to you. (Or again, bottom or middle of the day to you.)

A few days ago I was saying that Michael Jackson should be immediately given to science for extensive experimentation. But after reading about Jacko's latest court appearance I'm pretty sure he's already either a scientific experiment or a zombie. In either case, this is pretty good evidence that any behavior is now acceptable in our society. Repeat after me, Mikey: "I am no visionary. I am no visionary. I am a creepy-faced richer-than-god glove monster. I am no visionary." Okay, maybe he was a visionary, back in the '80s. But then, weren't we all? Besides, once you start saying vacantly "I'm a visionary." to counter court charges against you, well, you're kind of a Visionary Has-Been.

Must get back to writing this week. The real kind. I have two stories to finish and send out, a script that needs to be polished and the YA book to get back to. Vacation is officially over.

And Mr. Barzak is really the guru. I swear.


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