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Alan DeNiro's got a new story called The Centaur over at Spoiled Ink. He read this at Wiscon. Do not miss.

Oh. My. (Via.)

Jenny D on the Alternate Universe Amazon and a fantastic haunted university story.

But in the Philippines, sightings are not typically the result of sleep deprivation or intoxication. In fact, it is usually not the students who report paranormal events. It is the professors, staff members, and campus guards who see things.

Just as universities and college campuses attract the living, they are a natural gathering place for the dead, say those who follow paranormal happenings. Night watchmen say they hear instruments playing after the last people have left the music buildings.

Professors report being shaken out of their chairs when no one is there. Dead priests are said to come back to visit. Staff members and students alike say they have seen ladies in white floating down hallways. Sometimes they have heads. Sometimes they don't.

(Write that novel, Jenny. I want to read it.)

Daniel Handler has a collection coming out in January. I'm a big fan of his work for adults (and his work for kids actually). The Basic Eight and Shut Your Mouth are favorites of mine. You can find chapter one of Shut Your Mouth here. (Via Maud.)

Send Chris Barzak a birthday pressie! Everybody's doing it.

Paul Ingram likes The Historian, which basically interests me not at all.

White Women in Peril. Via Blottered.

And last but not at all least, M.J. Rose of the mad blog skillz has had a short promo film produced for her book The Halo Effect, which sounds tres interesting. I suggest you go see it and for that suggestion she's donating $5 to the Reading is Fundamental organization.


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    Thanks so much for linking to my efforts fo raise awareness and money for Reading is Fundamental!


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